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Why Ventilator Care Is Important in Healthcare


Many patients are already having difficulties with their brain or spinal cord issues. Unfortunately, it’s even more challenging when they experience some respiratory failure and face even more tremendous obstacles.

Those with respiratory failure benefit greatly from mechanical ventilation, especially when received in a skilled nursing facility.

When a patient is undergoing surgery or cannot breathe independently due to an acute disease, a mechanical ventilator is used to assist with breathing as a part of subacute nursing care in healthcare facilities.

The machine forces air into and out of the lungs to supply the body with oxygen. Patients may use a custom mask to improve the delivery of ventilator-generated oxygen to the patient’s lungs. If your condition is critical, a breathing tube may be placed down your throat to deliver oxygen to your lungs.

While there are numerous upsides to using ventilators, the risk of getting an infection is high. So, to prevent ventilator-related lung damage, patients require constant supervision with skilled nursing services.

Grand Villa Congregate Living Health Facility has a strong track record of giving quality healthcare in Clovis, California, especially when assisting our residents with the medical equipment they need for their condition, including ventilators.

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