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Why Speech Therapy Is Beneficial to Seniors

Why Speech Therapy Is Beneficial to Seniors

Over time, older adults will need subacute nursing care in California. Their needs arise from the natural process of aging. This process causes a decline in their abilities.

Many seniors have trouble communicating their needs to others due to such a decline. Speech therapy can help improve or maintain their communication skills. This kind of treatment is available in various facilities, such as a skilled nursing facility.

How do older adults benefit from speech therapy? Consider the following:

  • Improves communication and quality of life.

    The vocal cords of seniors weaken. They lose their elasticity with age, thereby making communication challenging.

    Speech therapy helps delay the weakening of the vocal cords through vocal exercises. Therapists will also help seniors learn how to speak again.

  • Addresses troubles with swallowing.

    Speech therapy is not only for fixing speech issues. It also tackles swallowing problems which are common in the elderly.

  • Preserves relevant brain function in individuals with dementia.

    Dementia attacks the part of the brain that is responsible for speech and communication. Speech therapy helps in the preservation of such function in older adults.

Letting your senior loved ones live in a congregate living facility in Clovis, California can do wonders in their overall health in various situations. Contact Grand Villa Congregate Living Health Facility to learn about our services.

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