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What is a Congregate Living Health Facility (CHLF)?

What is a Congregate Living Health Facility (CHLF)?

You or your loved one may need subacute nursing care in California for a health condition. Nurses can provide the appropriate level of care, one that your other family members may not be able to give.

Checking into a skilled nursing facility will help you get the care you need. But, when your condition requires a higher level of medical attention, you will need a different institution, which is a CLHF.

What is CLHF?

A CLHF or congregate living health facility is a residential home that offers inpatient services to its residents. Generally, the care that this institution provides is more intense than what a skilled nursing care facility offers but less intense than what a general acute care hospital renders.

A CLHF can only cater to a specific number of patients. In general, that number is six beds. But some facilities can also serve no more than 12, 25, or 59 residents, depending on legislations and circumstances.

What are the services that a CLHF provides?

A congregate living facility in Clovis, California may provide services that may include 24-hour skilled nursing care, dietary care, medical supervision, and recreational programs, among others. The institution can also render services specifically for the following residents:

  • With physical disabilities and dependent on ventilators but are mentally alert.
  • Those with diagnoses of a life-threatening disease, terminal illness, or both.
  • Those severely and catastrophically disabled.

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