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Ventilator Care and Management for Senior Adults

Ventilator Care and Management for Senior Adults

Chronic conditions are common in senior adults. As they continue to age, their health usually declines. In this case, they will need prescribed medications, treatment, and lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, some illnesses become too severe for them that they need ventilator care and management. This way, the patient can continue to breathe while a doctor from a hospital or subacute nursing care in California treats them.

At some point, you may have already seen a medical ventilator in person or on TV. The equipment itself can help the patient breathe, especially when they can’t do so due to a critical illness or condition. It helps their respiratory muscles rest and gives the patient some time to recover until their breathing becomes normal again.

Although a medical ventilator doesn’t heal the patient, it most certainly allows them to be stable while they are under treatment. A hospital and a skilled nursing facility use this equipment to provide their patients with proper care. It allows healthcare professionals to focus on what they do.

In our congregate living facility in Clovis, California, we have ventilator care and management services whenever our clients require the need for medical equipment.


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