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Tips to Get Through Your Physical Therapy Sessions

Tips to Get Through Your Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy is part of the services that GRAND VILLA CONGREGATE LIVING HEALTH FACILITY offers. Our residents take part in their physical therapy sessions right in our skilled nursing facility.

If you are receiving physical therapy, here are suggestions that will help you get through your sessions:

  • Discuss the treatment plan and goals with your therapist.

    Your physical therapist will evaluate your condition to come up with a personalized treatment plan. During the evaluation, you will also be setting goals with the professional.

  • Do your homework.

    Your therapist will assign you some exercises that you can do inside the congregate living facility in Clovis, California. You do them in between your sessions. Perform them but make sure that you don’t overdo things.

  • Write down what you feel.

    Take note of the things that you feel during the rehabilitation. Do you feel pain or other side effects while doing the exercises? Write it down and include the time or the exercise that you are doing when you experienced the effects.

  • Don’t ignore your body signals.

    You know your own body. So, listen to your body at all times. If it tells you to take a rest, do so. Talk to your therapist on how to remedy these signals so you can be ready for the next therapy sessions.

Our care team offers various services, including subacute nursing care in California. Call us for more details!

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