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The Fatty Liver Diet for Seniors


There are two types of fatty liver, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and acute fatty liver pregnancy. The former type of fatty liver, otherwise known as NAFLD, is usual in the elderly. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease carries a more substantial burden of hepatic and extra-hepatic manifestation and complications. But to simplify, both types of fatty liver occur when there is an increased buildup of fat in the liver.

As a provider of subacute nursing care, we understand that there is a standard diet for seniors with NAFLD. With this type of fatty liver, the focus will be on the person’s liver health. With our dietary services, we will provide the exact diet doctors needed by seniors.

A fatty liver diet is like any other healthy diet that embraces whole foods. Seniors need to eat more fruits, vegetables, dietary proteins, fiber-rich foods, and whole grains. As a provider of healthcare in Clovis, California, we make sure not to provide them a Mediterranean diet.

The skilled nursing we provide does not only focus on taking care of seniors physically. We understand that NAFLD is a result of a poor diet and fitness. In our facility, we care for senior’s overall well-being. We customize their care plan according to the care they need. We incorporate the activities they will do and the food that they will eat.

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