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Proper Wound Care Tips After Surgery


A surgical wound is usually an incision through the skin, and the size depends on what kind of surgery you underwent. There are times that an incision breaks open, and your doctor may decide not to stitch it again. You may hire skilled nursing assistance to ensure your wound is properly treated. Otherwise, you need to do it yourself.

As a skilled nursing facility, one of our specialties include wound care. Here are our expert tips on how to properly care for your surgical wound.

You need to take care of your wound at home if your doctor decides not to close your wound again with sutures because it can take a lot of time to fully heal. Having a dressing can help absorb drainage and avoid the closing of the skin before the wound beneath fills in.

Your doctor will inform you how often you need to change your dressing, so follow their directions thoroughly. It is important to note that you have to clean your hands properly before doing so. You may use an alcohol-based cleanser or soap and running water.

You can clean the skin around your wound using a soft cloth or gauze pad. Use mild soapy water or a normal saline solution. Do not put any herbal remedies, cream, or lotion on or around your wound.

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