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Living Life to the Fullest in Our Senior Years


Our overall health is affected by our physical, social, and mental state. This has been proven during the pandemic, when, no matter how well-fed we are, isolation affected our mental and overall health. Depression issues, anxiety, and other psychiatric problems were experienced by many in the course of isolation. What’s more, if you are vulnerable to living alone and needing subacute nursing care. A skilled nursing facility becomes necessary for survival.

Every resident in a congregate living facility in California receives support in all aspects of their being. They receive skilled nursing services for their condition – nutrition, therapy, disease management, and more. But perhaps, one of the best services you could receive is one for the heart and mind. Patients enjoy recreational activities that keep them emotionally happy and stay mentally active. You get to enjoy the company of others while doing the things that you love.

When we reach this stage in life, we might think that enjoying activities that boost our mood is impossible. But at Grand Villa Congregate Living Health Facility, we desire to make the impossible a reality for our residents. We help you get the medical care and physical support you need, but we also aid you to participate in fitting activities you will surely enjoy. For quality overall healthcare in Clovis, California, talk to us.

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