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Lifestyle Change for Stroke Prevention

Lifestyle Change for Stroke Prevention

A stroke is a known medical emergency that needs immediate attention. Usually, a stroke occurs when there is minimal or little blood supply in the brain which prevents it from getting enough oxygen and nutrients.

As a result, brain cells begin to die within minutes and causes physical dysfunction. These impairments can be permanent like slurred speech, limp, and even paralysis in parts of your body which could require living in a skilled nursing facility.

Here are some tips from Grand Villa Congregate Living Health Facility on how to prevent a stroke.

  • Healthy Diet
    An Unhealthy diet increases your chance of having a stroke because it can lead to increased blood cholesterol and cause hypertension. To ensure that you eat the right kind and a healthy food, our congregate living facility in Clovis, California with our skilled nurses can help you with your dietary needs.
  • Exercise
    Regular exercise plus healthy diet is the best and healthiest combo you can do to prevent the occurrence of stroke. It can lower your cholesterol levels and regulate your blood pressure.
  • Quit Smoking
    Cigarette smoking causes your arteries to constrict and increases the possibility of blood clots. If you quit smoking, not only do you prevent a stroke but also improves your overall health and reduce the risk of developing other serious medical conditions.
  • Drink Moderately
    Excessive alcohol consumption may lead to irregular heartbeats and high blood pressure. Studies have also shown that heavy drinking increases your chances of getting a stroke more than three times.

If you already had a stroke, lifestyle changes can definitely help improve your condition. Find out more about subacute nursing care in California to help you with your short-term rehabilitation and recovery program.

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