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How to Boost Senior’s Cognitive Health


Cognitive health, or the capacity to think, learn, and recall properly, is a vital component of carrying out daily tasks. While it is only one part of overall brain health, maintaining it is critical to keep the entire network functioning properly. If you need trusted resources to achieve so, Grand Villa Congregate Living Health Facility, a premier congregate living facility in California, is here to help!

Here, we put our best efforts into becoming the most reliable skilled nursing facility. And one of the many ways we intend to do this is by providing you with critical health and wellness facts.

A healthy body is required for a healthy mind. As such, here are tips we can give, as experts in healthcare in Clovis, California:

  • Manage High Blood Pressure

    Preventing or treating high blood pressure benefits not just your heart but also your brain. Studies have found that having high blood pressure in your 40s to early 60s increases your chance of cognitive deterioration later in life.

  • Eat Healthy Foods

    Researchers are investigating whether a balanced diet might aid in maintaining cognitive function or prevent the incidence of decline. For instance, there is some evidence that those who follow a Mediterranean diet are less likely to acquire Dementia.

  • Keep Your Mind Active

    Being intellectually stimulated may be beneficial to the brain. People who participate in personally significant activities like volunteering or hobbies report feeling happier and healthier. Developing new skills may also help you boost your thinking abilities.

Whether it is subacute nursing care or any other type of care, you can always rely on us.

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