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Caring for a Patient Who Is on a Mechanical Ventilator

Caring for a Patient Who Is on a Mechanical Ventilator

In special cases when breathing becomes dependent on mechanical aid, it’s relieving to know that we have a skilled nursing facility that can provide quality ventilator care. Mechanical ventilators serve as support element for survival so that our loved ones are given the fighting chance to overcome their ailments or physical conditions that has limited their breathing.

From our team of skilled nurses to your family, here are important elements of caring for your loved one when they are on ventilator care:

  • Ensure that you have fully coordinated with their healthcare team, which includes their physician, pulmonary experts, nurses, and others. In our congregate living facility in Clovis, California, we ensure that you will have regular access to this team so you can stay updated of your loved one’s condition.
  • Monitor their ventilator machine. While this equipment requires the skills of the healthcare team in terms of operation, it helps to be aware as to how it works. This way, you will know what to watch out for when it’s necessary to call for immediate help.
  • Participate in infection prevention practices. Our subacute nursing care in California is fully dedicated to ensuring the overall care and treatment of our patients, and infection is one of the things we work against. When you’re with your loved one, ensure that you’ve thoroughly washed your hands when you hold them. If you also have cough or colds, better not be near them yet.
  • Ensure their nutrition. Healthy meals can greatly aid in the regaining of strength of your ailing loved one so that their recovery is even faster. When your loved one is under our care, we also see to it that their dietary needs are properly addressed.

At Grand Villa Congregate Living Health Facility, the above-mentioned considerations comprise the many care interventions we provide to your loved one when you entrust them to our care. If they need mechanical ventilators in the long term, consider relocating them to our care facility.

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