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What Are the Signs of a Stroke

What Are the Signs of a Stroke

Stroke – witnessing this critical moment can make us numb and unable to move. Our minds are in a panic knowing our loved one is in critical danger. Every second counts. Your immediate response can help save a life.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of stroke is not just for those in the medical profession. This knowledge should be not limited to those who have senior people. Every person must know the basics to at least identify if any person is experiencing a stroke – including themselves.

  • There is sudden weakness or numbness in the leg, arm, or face which especially affects one side of the body.
  • You may experience some confusion, difficulty understanding what others say, or trouble speaking yourself.
  • The vision gets blurry. One or both eyes may experience sudden trouble seeing which affects orientation and balance.
  • There is some dizziness, trouble walking, imbalance, or lack of coordination.
  • The person may complain of a severe headache without any apparent cause.

If you or anybody you know experiences the symptoms, call for help or dial 911!

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