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Tips to Recover from a Bone Fracture

Tips to Recover from a Bone Fracture

Recovery from a bone fracture can take time. Those with severe bone fractures, especially seniors, may even need to stay in a skilled nursing facility for further care and assistance.

There are many factors that affect how long it takes for you to recover. The following tips may help:

  • Eat nutritious meals.

    A wide variety of healthy foods can provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly. These foods can also help promote healing.

    You might want to talk to your doctor or a provider of subacute nursing care in California about the need to take multivitamins, especially if you are deficient.

  • Quit smoking.

    Bone fracture recovery requires good blood flow through circulation as it can hinder the affected area to receive the nutrients that the cells need to do their job properly. Smoking hampers blood circulation which also affects the delivery of necessary nutrients to the cells.

  • Follow your treatment plan.

    Your doctor or care provider will be designing a treatment plan for your recovery. Be sure to follow the plan. When you are staying in a congregate living facility in Clovis, California, you can get assistance to ensure adherence to the plan.

If you need further info about this kind of facility, please contact Grand Villa Congregate Living Health Facility today!

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