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Hygiene Tips for Proper Catheter Care

Hygiene Tips for Proper Catheter Care

Living in a congregate living facility in Clovis, California makes the care services you need accessible. Care providers are around to help meet your necessities, both personal and medical.

Practicing good hygiene is essential when receiving care in any skilled nursing facility. Doing so helps lower the risks of infection, thereby helping you stay healthy longer. When it comes to proper catheter care, follow these hygiene tips:

  • Proper hand washing
    Always wash your hands before and after you handle your catheter. Your hands can carry a lot of germs. You do not want that to spread.
  • Showering
    Showering is best when you have a catheter attached to you. Water flows from your head to your toe. As a result, any dirt will also flow down and away directly.
  • Washing the catheter
    Use warm soapy water when washing the area where the equipment enters your body and the visible part of such equipment.
  • What not to apply
    Do not put lotion, cream, talcum powder, perfume, scented soap, bath salt, bubble bath, or antiperspirant on the area where the equipment enters the skin.
  • Contacting your care provider
    If you have questions about catheter care, do not hesitate to get in touch with your provider of subacute nursing care in California.
  • For your or your loved ones’ care needs, contact Grand Villa Congregate Living Health Facility!

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