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Everyday Tips to Prevent the Spread of Infections

Everyday Tips to Prevent the Spread of Infections

A skilled nursing facility houses individuals who may be susceptible to a variety of health conditions. That is why it is important to keep the place clean. It will help prevent the spread of infections.

What can you personally do to help keep infections from spreading? Here are tips you can apply daily:

  • Keep your hands clean.
    Wash your hands with soap and clean, running water. This way, all possible germs will go straight to the drain.
  • Cover your nose and your mouth.
    Make sure to do so when you sneeze. This helps prevent spreading the microorganisms through the air and keep them from reaching other people.
  • Avoid close contact with others if you are sick.
    If you are sick, especially when you are living in a congregate living facility in Clovis, California, be sure not to have close contact with anyone. Your fellow residents are susceptible to microorganisms and may get sick, too.
  • Take advantage of vaccines, if available.
    Vaccines can help boost immunity. Check with your doctor or care provider to know which ones you need.
  • Make sure that care providers follow care protocols.
    Providers of subacute nursing care in California must always wear gloves or wash their hands before handling your delicate needs.

Whenever you need care in a clean, supportive, and comfortable environment, contact Grand Villa Congregate Living Health Facility!

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